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      WELCOME TO CTTQ PHARMA Leader in the field of liver health, Ranks 1st for Chinese pharmaceutical companies with the best drug pipeline in 2017.

      About Us

      CTTQ is a multinational pharmaceutical company with integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution capabilities. It was founded in 1969 and headquartered in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China. 

      With more than 10000 employees, CTTQ is the market leader in liver medicines in China. It is ranked 17th on the list of the “Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China” in 2017, and among the top 5 most innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises, and top 10 fastest-growing Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in China.

      • 0 Founded in 1969, Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Factory
      • 0 Formed joint venture with Thailand’s Chia Tai Group in 1997
      • 0 Sales revenue of CTTQ Group reached 2.63 billion dollars in 2017.
      Company Profile
      We aim to become the pacesetter in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. We are innovation driven, and focus on R & D to develop new technologies and patented products to improve quality of life and promote human health.
      • product sales

        At present, we manufacture over 50 prescription medicines in 5 core therapeutic areas, including liver diseases, oncology, respiratory diseases, antibiotics and diabetes.

        CTTQ maintains 20+% annual revenue growth in every of the past 6 years, and its total sales reached 16.7 billion RMB in 2017. Our APIs and FDFs are sold to all major continents including Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
      • R&Dand Intellectual Property

        CTTQ has 2 R&D centers institutes with a total of over 800 employees. We invest over 8.5% of our annual sales revenue in R&D every year. There are more than 180 projects in our product pipeline, in which State CategoryⅠinnovative drug projects make up more than 30%.

        CTTQ pays special attention to intellectual property and patent protection. By the end of 2017, we have filed 852 patents, including 716 inventions. Among them, 326 patents have been granted, including 289 inventions. Other 215 patents, including 91 PCTs, have been filed abroad, and 49 patents have been granted.
      • Our Capabilities

        We currently have 3 manufacturing plants focusing on FDF and API production, 2 R&D centers, 1 overseas branch (CTTQ EU) in Barcelona, Spain, 1 business development office in San Diego, USA, and 4 joint labs (in Shanghai and Chengdu).

        CTTQ has passed multiple EU and US GMP inspections, and Loratadine tablet was approved by BfArM in 2014. CTTQ is the first company that obtained the new version of the Chinese GMP certificate. Our customer base spans over 30 countries.
      • International Collaboration

        In 2015, CTTQ and J&J entered into license agreement for development and commercialization of one innovative drug for curative treatment of Hepatitis B. Another co-developed innovative drug, Anlotinib, was designated Orphan Drug status for treatment of ovarian cancer by FDA. Its multiple clinical trials are ongoing for other indications.

        We are looking forward to establishing solid collaborations with partners around the world.

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